Why The Project Navigator

Project Life Cycle Management

The Project Navigator Complete Project Life Cycle Management

View Newly Submitted Customer Project Applications From Your Institutions own Customizable Web Site
Add Project Decisioning Data to Submitted Applications along with Comments, Diary Reminders and Document Attachments
On Approval and Funding Upload The Project Application to document systems like such as LaserPro
Merge Application Memos, Comments, Reminders and Attachments to New Project After Next Days Import

The Project Navigator Documentation and Comment Review Tracking

Visualize New Applications, Un-Reviewed Comments and Document Exceptions

Track Project Documentation Exceptions To Minimize Examination Review Deficiencies

Remote Examiner Web Portal provides cost savings through remote examinations

The Project Navigator Accumulated Historical Analytic Reporting

From the First Day that you start using The Project Navigator you will be collecting highly valuable historical data

Identify Trends and Performance Information about your institution, customers, project work flow as well as your staff operational effectiveness.

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Navigate to a Better Method of Project Portfolio Management, Compliance, Documentation and Reporting Today

The Project Navigator provides you with an easy to use and highly effective tool for maintaining a clear collaborative work flow between You, your Team and your Customers as well as your Examiners.

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